Easy, Trusted, and Reliable Cloud Hosting

Labixe Host offers a simple, reliable and easy-to-use cloud hosting solution that enables developers and businesses to quickly set up and run their websites or applications. Get started in just a few minutes when you host your website or app with Labixe cloud hosting.

Labixe Host

Control Panel

With an easy and responsive control panel, you can control all your services in a single place

Easy Payment

We have all international and Arabic payment methods, (Paypal, Visa Card, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bank Transfer) and many more. If you do not find the appropriate method for you, contact us from here.

Strong DDoS Protection

Suitable Specifications for Everyone

Affordable price for high quality

By making cloud hosting simple and cost-effective, you can focus on growing your business. Our powerful, low-cost computing options combined with our support make Labixe Host the ideal infrastructure for running a managed business.

Our Servers

Economic Servers

Price starting from
$ 7 /Month vps-stock
3 vCores 4 GB RAM 60 GB NVMe 2.5 Tbit/s Filtering 1 GB/s Internet speed
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Protected Servers

Price starting from
$ 12 /Month vps-stock
4 vCores 4 GB RAM 60 GB NVMe 2.5 Tbit/s Filtering 10 GB/s Internet speed
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Advanced Servers

Price starting from
$ 65 /Month vps-stock
5 vCores 24 GB RAM 300 GB NVMe 2.5 Tbit/s Filtering 10 GB/s Internet speed
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Why Choose Us

Strong custom security

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Premium Technical Support

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Excellent value for money

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Your security is our priority

Labixe Host team has undergone full training to provide the best risk-free cloud environment, and quickly deal with dangerous matters that may direct the customer and companies to risk, as there are very strict procedures to deal with malicious attacks in any way.

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Strong custom security

Labixe Hostis characterized by providing the best protection methods through XDP / eBPF with direct connection from first-class networks to provide the best ping without impact even if you are under attack. Also, we provide special Layer7 protection that is unique to all popular applications web applications, games, OpenVPN connection.

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Control Panel

The control panel provides all the features to provide the daily needs of the customer, and this includes: controlling most of the services through easy-to-use graphical interfaces for: making a unified and customized system for each process - ensuring that orders arrive quickly and smoothly - ease of the interface with explanations Explanation of how to use, and all this ensures that customer information is preserved and protected, which provides him with complete privacy

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